Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Deaf Theological Center start?

The Deaf Theological Center opened its doors on April 13, 2014. 

What is the Deaf Theological Center?

Since day one, we have made training leaders for the church our primary focus.  To this day, we continue to serve the body of Christ with the theological education necessary for the expansion of gospel ministry and mission all over the world.

Who are the partners in this School?

The Deaf Theological Center is a result of a cooperative working agreement between Brentwood Baptist Deaf Church, Brentwood Baptist Church, The International Mission Board and Union University.

What is the goal?

Our goal is to prepare students for the challenges of real-life ministry.  The Deaf Theological Center assists Deaf churches/ministries by providing theological education and church plant training that is contextualized for Deaf culture so as to train Deaf people as effective church-planters, missionaries, pastors and leaders.

Why the Deaf Theological Center?

The leadership came together and put together an environment that leads to transformation through theological depth, local church focus, and life-changing relationships with other students and faculty.

The Deaf Theological Center was started with the concept that all teaching materials will not be “adapted” for classroom teaching.  Instead, all of our teaching materials are “contextualized” for the Deaf so they can be trained as effective church planters, missionaries, pastors, and leaders.


Who are the teachers? 

The Deaf Theological Center teachers are people who are leaders in their field where they serve.  They have been trained in their field, and from this experience they are able to contextualize teaching. 

How does the Deaf Theological Center help Church Planters, Missionaries, Pastors, and Leaders? 

The Deaf Theological Center provides students tools for personal spiritual growth and for equipping others.   

The Deaf Theological Center teaches students how to utilize the DeafPathway Bible.  Students are also given opportunities to be a part of the DeafPathway Bible Storytelling Team. 

The Deaf Theological Center contextualizes training for ministry, missions, church planting and leadership. 

The Deaf Theological Center helps students discover their God-given gifts and how to utilize them. 

What about housing? 

The Deaf Theological Center will arrange housing for all students.  The cost is $300 per month.   

What if your spouse comes with you while you are attending school?  There will be an additional cost of $300 per month for your spouse.  *The cost is $300 per month per person living in housing provided by The Deaf Theological Center.

What about meals? 

Each student is responsible for their own meals.  Each student will have a box to store their food in the church refrigerator.  The Deaf Theological Center provides the paper plates, napkins, cups, silverware, and microwave.

Will I be able to work while attending The Deaf Theological Center Classes? 

Due to the intensity of the program, working a job during the semester is not recommended.

Additional questions?

If you have further questions about the Deaf Theological Center, please submit them via email to: